The colours

ENZO PELLINI has carefully selected six beautiful colours: BEIGE, DESERT, EBONY, FROST, LAVA and TAUPE. Each colour has its own character and its own look and feel. The colours all serve as an attractive basis that combines perfectly with other materials such as wood, stone or concrete.







The colours may vary slightly in nuance, individually or from box to box

The quality of the leather is colour is partly determined by light, temperature, humidity, and even age. We have no influence on these factors, and although, on the one hand we would like it if we did, it is also this, on the other, that creates the very charm of natural, vegetable tanned leather. Even after they have been installed, the colour of the tiles may eventually change very slightly under the influence of light, sunlight and humidity. A subtle rule of thumb is that light colours can become slightly darker and darker colours slightly lighter. Minor colour differences may be seen with every new delivery. It is, after all, a natural product!

TIP: Before you begin to cover an area larger than 1 m² with tiles, shuffle all the tiles from the different boxes.