Room divider, a luxurious addition in leather

I bought a room divider for my small home. It is an ideal piece of furniture that you can easily fold up and put away. It takes up very little space, but has great effect when you place it somewhere in all its splendour.

Full of enthusiasm, I painted it in the colour I had also used for the background. It looks lovely, as you can see in the second photo. However, once I got going I realised that the room divider actually has two sides, so you can change your room’s atmosphere in no time at all. A touch of warmth, a more exclusive atmosphere….that was what was missing. I left the frame as it was so that it was still ‘related’, as it were, to the surrounding area. However, I simply affixed the ENZO PELLINI leather tiles in the colour BEIGE to the large areas on one side of the divider; the combination with grey-green was gorgeous. The effect of real leather and a beautiful paint colour have really given my room a boost! Covering a room divider with ready-to-use leather tiles is really easy, and the result…. Just take a look, or better still: try it yourself.

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