A moodboard is a useful tool and fun to make

If you want to give your interior a serious makeover, a mood board is a handy tool. A mood board instantly gives you an impression of the atmosphere you want to create in your home. You can build up a mood board gradually by collecting pictures, fabric and colour samples or materials that you would like to have in your interior. Home decor magazines are very handy when making a mood board, but also take a look in magazines that are not directly associated with home furnishings. Try cutting out or selecting an area of colour from the photos that you choose, a colour that makes you think ‘WOW!’ Stick these cut-out pieces below or alongside each other. This automatically creates a colour scheme that suits your taste. You can also do this with pieces of fabric, wallpaper or wood.

What can I do with leather in my interior?
If you have opted for ENZO PELLINI leather tiles but you’re not sure how you want to combine them or what colour you want, we have a simple method that will help you get started. In this example, we started with a leather tile as a background. You can also do this yourself. There is plenty of information available about colour trends, but it is more fun to collect photos of interiors that appeal to you personally.

In the first example, we have used the colour DESERT as a basis
DESERT is a warm colour. Set this off with colours such as apricot, spicy honey, warm spicy colours, earth & terracotta, and chestnut red, and add some natural tints like linen to complete the picture.

And because it is such fun, here is another example
This time we used EBONY as a basis. A combination using shades of blue and a touch of old rose with deep chestnut brown. This clearly shows that blue is not always a cool colour, not only as a result of the shade of blue used, but also the combination with ENZO PELLINI’s warm EBONY tiles.

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