Cover a table with leather

Bored with your table? Are you sure? Do you fancy giving your table a real boost? If so, consider using leather tiles on your table top. Don’t worry, you simply can’t go wrong. And you’ll be amazed by the effect. First decide which colour you want to use. You can choose easily between 4 colours.

You can opt to paint your table in a different colour first.

You can apply leather to your table top in different ways. You can cover the entire table top with tiles, for example, but you can also make an attractive strip along the table, a bit like a table runner.

If you have a creative flair, you can opt to make your own mosaic. You can divide a shape diagonally, cutting to fit….Take a look at the examples and surprise both yourself and your friends & family.

A pattern with diagonal lines… it’s easy to make by pre-cutting a couple of tiles diagonally using a sharp Stanley knife!

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