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A tile with high acoustic value and very decorative in any interior.

The base is the regular hexagon. A special shape that is both equilateral and equiangular. Therefore, it is perfect to use as a ’tile’. You can cover a whole wall with it. Or the ceiling. Because they are very easy to cut to size. But of course, you can also create a more creative shape and stick it as an item on your wall.

The tile consists of two reliefs. The lower one is slightly larger than the upper one, creating a nice graphic effect.

The HEXAGON felt tile is wall and ceiling covering with its own character. The tiles are made of recycled PET bottles and available in 8 colors. The appearance of the pressed felt is matte and subdued. They are very easy to maintain.

Information about HEXAGON RED CORAL


• Easy to cut to size
• Size of 1 panel is 500 x 577 x 18 mm
• Sound-absorbing, reduces echo and dampens sound. αw 0.35 (when directly glued to the wall)
• Made from 100% recycled materials (PET bottles)
• 100% Dutch product
• Easy to maintain

Laying patterns and inspiration

For more inspiration, also take a look at our laying patterns. There are examples of continuous and semi-open patterns, as well as fun shapes. You can choose a high contrast with the color of the wall where you stick them on, but you can also take a tile to the paint store and choose the color that you think looks best in combination with the tile.

If you like acoustic tiles but also prefer a calm wall, choose ton-sur-ton. Paint your wall in the color of the chosen tile. The effect will surprise you.

Frequently asked questions about acoustic panels.

The panels of Enzo Pellini can be installed by anyone, by means of mounting kit (available in the shop) they can be easily attached. If you have a sharp utility knife, the panels can also be easily cut to size.
The panels can be easily maintained using a dustpan and brush, and you can also vacuum them. If a stain appears on the panels, you can wipe it away with a dry cloth.
The panels are made with a male/female principle, meaning that: The panel always starts with a black strip (bottom layer) and always ends with an overlapping strip (top layer), so that the second panel always fits perfectly onto the first panel.

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