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Felt is a warm and durable material with a number of very fine properties. They are sturdy, stylish tiles that insulate, absorb sound and have a high acoustic value. And these are of course wonderful advantages at a time when you want to be economical with energy, but also perhaps want to be able to work at home in peace.

They give a unique, cool and warm look to your interior. Enzo Pellini Felt is a sustainable product because the basis is recycled material (PET bottles) and it is a 100% Dutch product. The tiles have a fire-retardant effect (small flame test: PASS) and are very easy to process. The back has a self-adhesive layer, covered with an easy-to-remove foil. The felt is also very easy to cut to size. Even circumferential surfaces are easy to cover with Felt tiles.

Content: 1 square meter

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  • Wall tiles
  • Self-adhesive / adhesive layer on the back
  • Sustainable product
  • Made from recycled materials (PET bottles)
  • Sound absorbing / acoustic effect (damping 10%)
  • Flame retardant (small flame test: PASS)
  • Do not place in damp areas
  • Easy to cut to size
  • Maintenance friendly
  • Format per tile 250*500mm (no patchwork)
  • Thickness 3mm
  • 1 square meter per box (8 tiles of 250*500mm)
  • 100% Dutch product
  • Packaging: 253*503*28

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