Acoustic Panel
240 x 60


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STRIPS, the durable acoustic panels, are ready to attach to your wall. This is very easy with mounting kit. The acoustic panels have the property of absorbing sound. And insulate the wall. Handy if you want to use a room where loud noises are not welcome. Think of a bedroom or a workplace where you want to be able to concentrate well, for example.

Sustainability is paramount with this beautiful product. The base is a hard-pressed felt made from recycled materials (PET bottles). The product is a 100% Dutch manufacture.

Content: 1 panel (1.44 m2)

Information about Acoustic Panel
240 x 60


• Wall panels
• Mounting by means of kit
• Sustainable product
• Made from recycled materials (PET bottles)
• Sound absorbing / acoustic effect (attenuation 70%)
• Flame retardant (small flame test: PASS)
• Do not place in damp areas
• Easy to cut to size
• Maintenance friendly
• 2400*600mm
• Thickness 19mm
• 1,44m2 per panel
• 100% Dutch product

Frequently asked questions about acoustic panels

The Enzo Pellini panels can be installed by anyone, using mounting kit (available in the shop), making it easy to attach them. If you have a sharp utility knife, the panels can also be easily cut to size.
The panels can be easily maintained with a duster, and you can also vacuum them. If a stain appears on the panels, you can remove it by wiping it away with a dry cloth.
The panels are made using a male/female principle, meaning that each panel starts with a black strip (bottom layer) and ends with an overlapping strip (top layer). This ensures that the second panel always fits perfectly with the first panel.

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