Large size leather wall tile

Leather wall tile Ranger

RANGER is the name of the rugged large format leather wall tile. The tile measures 40 x 60 cm. This 100% leather tile has a very unique look. You could call it robust, but chic would also be fitting. A leather wall tile with endless possibilities. The tile is fairly thin, which has a great advantage. It can be easily used on curved surfaces. Wainscoting or a full wall, a headboard or the back wall of a cupboard… they are all within the realm of possibilities for the handy DIY’er.

Inspiration with leather wall tiles

Product Information

RANGER has a rugged and even top layer that is finished with aniline. As a result, the color and texture stand out even more beautifully. The tiles have slight color variations, creating a nice contrast when they are arranged on the wall. This type of leather has the characteristic of showing some minor imperfections here and there. It’s a 100% natural product, and therefore every tile is literally unique. It’s precisely this liveliness that gives that wonderful sturdy character. The RANGER leather wall tile is available in the colors MUD, PURE, MIST, CHARCOAL, and ROCK. The tiles are sold individually.

Leather wall tile Ranger

  • Size 60 x 40 cm
  • 100% leather
  • Dutch product
  • Easy to mount on wall or ceiling with Enzo Pellini adhesive
  • Can be used on curved walls
  • Maintenance-friendly
  • The tiles fit perfectly together
  • Maintenance-friendly
Primer Beige

Inspiration with leather wall tiles


RANGER products



For preparation, we recommend that you pre-treat the wall with our special primer in the color of the leather you chose. The primer can be easily ordered from our web store. You will then need a paint tray and paint roller to pre-treat your wall.

A level and pencil, and of course the special adhesive which, like the primer, can be ordered from our web store.

The preparation

Ensure that any power outlets are disconnected from electricity.

Thoroughly clean the surface. Make sure all dust and grease residues are removed. Loose particles and spots possibly containing substances like oil, grease, wax, or varnish should also be removed first. Make sure the wall is dry and smooth in texture. Then apply the corresponding primer in the color that matches the leather color you have chosen. Let the wall dry thoroughly in sequence.

Apply the adhesive according to the instructions on the bucket, on the wall per track. The last tiles can then be easily cut to exact size.

Tips & tricks

We recommend that you first lay out the pattern on the floor. This way, you can easily adjust your final result. Ideally, let the leather acclimate in the room for 24 hours before you start sticking it. This prevents unnecessary shrinkage seams. When you start sticking, start both horizontally and vertically from the center of your final design. This way, you’ll always get it right! Place the first tile neatly level on the wall and the next one can then be easily connected. Of course, you can also opt for the tone-on-tone effect. In this case, paint your wall in the color of the leather and cover a part of your wall. The result will not only be beautiful, but also calming and stylish.

RANGER layout patterns

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