Laying patterns Hexagon

On this page, you will find inspiration for arranging HEXAGON tiles! Whether you’re looking for continuous or semi-open patterns, or just fun shapes, we have it all for you. The beauty of HEXAGON tiles is that you can play with color contrasts on your walls. You can choose a tile that contrasts with the color of your wall, or you can choose a tile that perfectly matches the color of your wall.

Would you like to use acoustic tiles, but also want a calm appearance on your wall? Then choose for ton-sur-ton. Paint your wall in the same color as the chosen tile with the ENZO PELLINI primer and be surprised by the effect. The result will not only be beautiful, but also soothing for your eyes.

Laying pattern 1

Laying pattern 2

Laying pattern 3

Laying pattern 4

Laying pattern 5

Dimensional measurement