Frequently Asked Questions

Enzo Pellini’s leather tiles are made in such a way that anyone can attach them. Each tile is fitted with double-sided tape on the back. Carefully remove the protective film and you can simply stick the tile on the wall. More information about applying can be found here.
We recommend using a primer for good adhesion of our leather tiles to the wall. We also offer primer in the same color shades as our leather tiles. Leather is a natural product that may start to work due to temperature changes. This is nothing to worry about, but by matching the primer color to the color of the leather, any small seams due to shrinkage are barely visible.
Before you get started with leather wall tiles, you should take the following into account:

• Acclimatise: Leather is a natural product. It is important that the leather tiles acclimatize for at least 24 hours in the room where they will be installed.

• Humidity: The ideal humidity in the room is between 40% and 60%.

• Temperature: The ideal room temperature for installation is between 18 and 22 degrees.

Attaching the leather tiles is very easy thanks to the double-sided tape on the back. We also recommend using the following tools when installing our tiles:

• Level

• Break-off knife (Stanley knife)

• Pencil

• Tape measure

• Right angle or ruler (minimum 50cm!)

• Cutting mat/pad

• Optionally a hand roller to press the leather evenly

That strongly depends on the pattern you have chosen. The leather wall tiles from Enzo Pellini are often placed horizontally. We advise you to draw a horizontal line at the center of the wall, use a spirit level and pencil. If you start pasting from this center point, you create a nicely balanced image.

For example, if you opt for a vertical pattern, you must place a vertical line from the center. Whichever pattern you choose, we recommend starting from the center with placing. If you want to know more about possible patterns, click here.

Our leather tiles can be placed against a fireplace wall, provided the wall does not radiate heat. Leather is a natural product and therefore sensitive to temperature changes. Shrinkage can occur when the leather tiles come into contact with high temperatures.
Just like a normal wall, the leather tiles from Enzo Pellini require little attention. In the unlikely event of a spill against the wall, it can be cleaned by dabbing with a dry cloth. If a tile becomes seriously damaged, it can possibly be replaced.
The leather of Enzo Pellini is very flexible. You can easily fold it around a corner. Make sure that the leather tile is properly glued on one side, then you can carefully fold the leather over and stick the other side. Make sure that both sides have sufficient adhesive surface to ensure good adhesion to the substrate.
The leather has a thickness of +/- 2mm.
Leather wall tiles from Enzo Pellini are often used in kitchens. However, we do not recommend placing leather wall tiles behind the hob because of the risk of damage, heat, dirt and humidity. The same applies to the sink due to any water damage. The difference in kitchens is so great that the options must be assessed per situation.