Felt, the durable felt tile from ENZO PELLINI

Wall decoration FELT from ENZO PELLINI is durable, stylish and affordable!

Felt is a warm and durable material with a number of very fine properties. They are sturdy, stylish tiles that insulate, absorb sound and have a high acoustic value. And these are of course wonderful advantages at a time when you want to be economical with energy, but also perhaps want to be able to work at home in peace.

They give a unique, cool and warm look to your interior. Enzo Pellini Felt is a sustainable product because the basis is recycled material (PET bottles) and it is a 100% Dutch product. The tiles have a fire-retardant effect (small flame test: PASS) and are very easy to process. The back has a self-adhesive layer, covered with an easy-to-remove foil. The felt is also very easy to cut to size. Even circumferential surfaces are easy to cover with Felt tiles.

Enzo Pellini Felt can be used in almost all rooms, provided they are not too damp. Make sure that the surface is smooth, free of dust and grease. Optionally, for optimal adhesion, you can choose to provide the surface with an underlayer first. Special primers by color are available in our webshop.
Felt is maintenance-friendly. You can easily clean it with the vacuum cleaner. Make sure that you don’t set the suction power of the vacuum cleaner too high.

ENZO PELLINI FELT is packed per m2 per colour. The colors can differ slightly in nuance, but that ensures a lively whole. The color nuances are minimal.

The format per tile is 25 x 50 cm. The thickness per tile is 3 mm.

Our colors

ENZO PELLINI has carefully selected 10 beautiful colors. The colors can be combined well with other materials such as wood, stone or concrete.

TIP: If you are going to cover an area larger than 1 m² with tiles, divide the tiles from the different boxes. Mix the color tones and create an eye-catcher in your interior with the felt tiles from ENZO PELLINI.

Laying patterns

Now it’s up to you to choose a pattern. You can of course cover your wall in 1 colour, but it is also possible to combine several colours. The felt wall tiles from ENZO PELLINI are often placed horizontally. We advise you to draw a horizontal line at the center of the wall, use a spirit level and pencil. If you start pasting from this center point, you create a nicely balanced image.

For example, if you opt for a vertical pattern, you must place a vertical line from the center. But you may want to try something different. The possibilities are endless, so get creative! Whichever pattern you choose, we recommend starting from the center with placing.

TIP: First place a pattern of your choice on a flat surface without removing the protective layer on the back of the tiles. This way you can take a good look at the pattern and easily adjust it before you attach the final version to the wall.

Assembly: How it works

A good start is half the work. Before you start installing the ENZO PELLINI tiles, the following points are important to know:

Humidity: The ideal humidity in the room is between 40% and 60%.
Temperature: The ideal room temperature when placed is between 18 and 22 degrees.
The wall where you are going to attach the leather tiles must be dry, grease-free and flat, otherwise the leather tiles will not stay in place.
We recommend using a primer for good adhesion of our leather tiles to the wall. We offer primers in various colors in our webshop.

Make sure you have the right tools at hand, so that you can get started installing the felt tiles without any problems. We recommend using the following tools when installing the tiles: spirit level, snap-off knife (Stanley knife), pencil, tape measure, right angle or ruler (minimum 50cm!), Cut mat/pad and optionally a hand roller to evenly press the felt . But you can also easily do this by hand. Don’t push too hard, but stroke evenly in the same direction.

Ready in 3 steps

Enzo Pellini’s Felt tiles are ready to use and easy to apply. All tiles have an adhesive layer + protective foil on the back that you can easily remove. Depending on the pattern choice, you can now follow these simple steps:

Step 1: With a spirit level, make a line along the wall where you want to attach the leather tiles. This can be horizontal or vertical. Mark the center of the wall with a pencil. It is best to start from the middle. This way you create an attractive and balanced end result.

Step 2: Now partially remove the protective film from the back of the tile and stick the first piece of the tile to the wall. Now carefully remove the remaining protective film and fix the rest of the tile to the wall. Now push firmly and your first tile is a fact.

Step 3: You can now continue by attaching the other tiles to each other. If necessary, you can cut the final tiles to size using a utility knife and ruler.