STRIPS, the sustainable acoustic panels from ENZO PELLINI

Wall decoration STRIPS from ENZO PELLINI is durable, stylish and affordable!

STRIPS, the durable acoustic panels, are ready to attach to your wall. This is very easy with mounting kit. The acoustic panels have the property of absorbing sound. And insulate the wall. Especially if you want to use a room where loud noises are not welcome. Think of a bedroom or a workplace where you want to be able to concentrate well, for example.

Sustainability is paramount with this beautiful product. The base is a hard-pressed felt made from recycled materials (PET bottles). The product is a 100% Dutch manufacture.


ENZO PELLINI has carefully selected 10 beautiful colors for the top layer. The bottom layer consists of dark anthracite. The colors can be combined well with other materials such as wood, stone or concrete.

Technical specifications

  • The standard size per panel is 240 x 60 cm
  • The thickness is 19 mm
  • The surface per panel is 1.44 m2
  • Made from 100% recycled materials (PET bottles)
  • Dutch manufacture
  • Sound-absorbing/acoustic effect (attenuation 70%)
  • Flame retardant (small flame test: PASS)
  • Easy to cut to size
  • Maintenance friendly


The wall where you are going to attach the felt panels must be dry, free of grease and flat, otherwise the felt panels will not stay in place. Any loose parts on the wall, such as old paint or loose plaster layers, must be removed before fixing the panels.

The panels can be seamlessly connected to each other. Start with placement on the side of the wall, work your way down the wall from there. Do you end up with a strip narrower than the panel? Then the panel can easily be cut to size.

When cutting STRIPS manually, we recommend using a sharp knife in combination with a ruler, preferably metal, for the best possible result. A box cutter or a precision knife is sufficient. Cut the panel step by step and follow the same cutting path several times. As a result, less force is needed to cut the material and work can be done more precisely.

It is best to use a polymer adhesive kit for mounting Strips. The advantage of a polymer adhesive is that you can glue large surfaces and still correct the placement a bit because the glue does not cure immediately.
Press the panel firmly against the substrate and make sure that the corners and edges are well pressed. Allow the mounting kit to dry according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

*Drying times may vary